Where the mind goes,
the body will follow
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Learning how to manage your mind is about the most powerful asset you can have to rely on forever , and there can be nothing more valuable in your ownership than self reliance no matter how successful you are.
Inner strength will come from the action of DOING!

Such simple daily actions like waking up each day, applying a face and dressing with care that reveals how much you like yourself. This direction and purpose for your workday is something that does not just get given to your or bought through some means. You have to do it !! Gaining insight into these kind of tools will derive from self -work through focusing on your chosen path ahead. You will know when your mind and its thoughts are in line with the actions you do on a daily basis.

This kind of discipline which starts from the time you open your eyes will then spill out into all directions of your life. Your gut - health and how you choose to nourish your body with a plant based lifestyle will also feed and calm your mind, and through this anxieties and stresses will subside as you learn to master feelings and not them ruin your day. The workout done daily will help give you a body and strength that you learn to appreciate, knowing it will carry and sustain you into your twilight years with complete self assurance. Remember that anything that you spend time on mastering, forms the best foundations for any belief system you live by and no quick fix fad will be able to sway your mind. Being sassy, hard working, loving, feeling grounded, high spirited and having a spring in your feet each day is entirely up to you, and acquiring it I will say again this is only from you and the ACTION you take each day !!

Where the mind goes, the body will follow
Our thoughts will manifest into actions that may or may not work for us. Through observing others and then observing ourselves we can gain insight into our behavior, and daily practice can start.
Noeleen Bridle
Its a state of mind to improve your body
Can a fool be motivated? Yes, and you will just have a motivated fool. So searching deeper into understanding the cyclic nature of your behavior and if it is working for or against you. This too can be changed.
Noeleen Bridle
Food and emotions
All addictions are like family friends - drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex and food. Learning how to control one of these addictions usually draws you to one of the others. Understanding the underlying factors is key, and then the daily discipline of starting to control them comes from practice.
Noeleen Bridle

Using this quote as a benchmark to examine the WHOLE of something that you are focusing on, not just one aspect. It is the WHOLE that counts.

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The mind and body are one entity.

The mind and body are one entity. As soon as a person feels paralyzed or stuck psychologically it will manifest as illness in the body or mind in one way or another. Healing oneself from both aspects of self is key and this process is done simply through exercise and nutrition.


Using my 25 years of coaching

and my 50 years of high physical application has revealed certain insights that I need to share that may advance others too. I offer a package that looks after your nutritional needs through my eating plan, your exercise routines through my knowledge and application, and then the cognitive actions that must be taken for the unity of these three aspects, to create a better you !!!


Having an interest in how your body works, what body type you are, how fat cells fill etc are key to keeping the motivation to get out there and set some goals. Believing in your program is a good start, and then feeling thirsty to gain more insight into all aspects of your well-being should be a long path you continue on.


The daily routine of exercise. In no matter what form it is done, will kickstart the metabolism which is our ‘engine’ which controls our bodies function to burn fat and control our weight. As self image is a very important factor, nothing beats the daily application of moving to aid our mental state. Cardio, strength training and stretching are your key variables towards your best results and need to be done 100% of the time.


Having written a book on my insights into weight loss, and then the discovery of how body fat actually works has lead me to have total belief in my Programme which although started 25 years ago has actually morphed into plant based eating of today. The realization that ‘you are what you eat’ goes much deeper than reading that line and knowing that the QUALITY of the food we eat far, far surpasses the QUANTITY of food eaten. Yes, food choices are key for long term health and weight management.


Emotions are like leaves in the wind - they can change rapidly in an hour and as a result affect our minds adversely. Learning how to separate ones emotions from what the mind intends to do is key to inner stability. When one practices this daily through identifying ‘triggers’ that keep us in cyclic behavior, changes can be then made that help renew our neuropathways leading to patterns that transform our behavior.

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