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Using this quote as a benchmark to examine the WHOLE of something that you are focusing on, not just one aspect. It is the WHOLE that counts.



Using common sense, and never being deterred by any new fad or quick fix, my eating plan written 25 years ago has given me all the results I need. It has revealed to me that we need to eat what our bodies are mostly made up of - water, ie 70 % water based foods. My plan started out as a weight loss program and over the years developed into the plant based eating of today. Now health is for me the high criteria, and in this new world of viruses one has to look no further than the continual input of good food to build up immune strength. I measure men in one area of their bodies and women in two. With this insight I am able to transform their bodies with my dietary knowledge and overhaul their way of thinking. Keeping to any eating plan is far more about controlling daily emotions which are often affected by the foods we eat. I have a plan, recipes and daily menus, tried and tested!! The practice of this daily, is key towards achieving the body you are aiming for.

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Plant Based Cooking

Look no further if you need immune boosting food to be delivered daily that gives you health and most importantly helps you reduce your cms and body fat too. A plant based chef uses my eating formula to give you the results you need, and we will educate your staff on how to cook, provide you with a dinner party buffet style and impart any knowledge you need to know about plant based eating. Look no further if you are on a mission to advance your health and mindset but need the tools to get you started.

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Exercising daily can unlock the key to your mind. It took 25 years of high performance exercise before this daily - often 6 hrs worth - ritual opened my mind and allowed me to start thinking deeper about how I could ‘train smart, eat smart’. Exercise is the greatest tool or antidepressant to give you mental strength and a calmness to then cope with the day ahead. Losing weight must be your choice, but gaining physical strength and just feeling a whole lot happier starts just with one workout. I hope to offer insight into growing your ability in all areas of the above in either group or individual training. My classes are held in a gym, and combine the three factors most necessary as a base for all fitness - cardio, weight training and stretching.

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There can be nothing more powerful than self belief. This can only have come from years of observing your actions, daily discipline and the quest to better your self control each day. This self belief can only stem from educated choices being put into practice over many years. Only in hindsight, even spanning back a few years can one know if the path that they are pursuing is working for them in areas of health, physical appearance and vitality. I have spent 25 years of reading ,observing, listening to podcasts and most of all living what I believe in. Through combining all the above I know I have a powerful tool to share, and this is what I do every hour of the day I am working with my clients. Education therefore is the key to motivation.

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