Nutritional analysis



I have a simple scientific lifestyle plan that I teach my clients. If they follow this plan, I can change the shape of their bodies and adjust their attitudes towards eating and exercise. I also teach them how to maintain this optimally.

I have developed this plan over the past ten years and I practice what I preach – it works for me and I have developed my programme to work for
every client.

It is not a diet! Diets focus on food intake and that is why they never work in the long term. In fact, most diets just damage the body and the metabolism. My plan adjusts your lifestyle and changes your mindset. It is not just the body that needs to get fit; it is your mind that needs to understand how your body processes food and burns fat.

Once you truly know your body, you will be empowered with knowledge to live the kind of life you choose and still maintain your shape, because you will understand what makes you fat and unhealthy; you will understand how fat cells work and how to reduce them; you will know about toxins and the Glycaemic Index of foodstuffs, and you will lead a much better quality of life.

The awareness of making better food choices and practicing consistency will enlighten you to who YOU are and along the way you will  achieve the best body you have ever had – and strength of your mind. What more could anyone want as their foundation for life?