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28 Aug Food Challenge

Day 1
Welcome to my blog. I am a plant-based eater and I’m on a mission to continually push myself to reach new levels of good eating. For the month of June I gave myself the challenge to eat perfectly. Perfect is not always possible but by striving for perfection you can come pretty close. Well at least closer than if you weren’t trying at all. I’ve learnt a lot during this month. I’ve learnt how fattening things like nuts and dried fruit are. I’ve learnt that when you cut certain things out of your diet other things creep back in. I learnt that I am definitely on the right path but that this is a slow journey and I have to be prepared to stick to this plan for the rest of my life. The best part about this challenge has been that as the end of it has been approaching I haven’t found myself dreaming about all the bad food I’m going to stuff my face with in celebration. Something has shifted in me and my desire for many bad foods has decreased. I am more excited about carrying on riding this good wave that I’ve started.

So for this reason I have decided to start a new challenge for the month of July.
I am going to make rules for my eating/exercise and cheats. I’m going to check in everyday with my thoughts and progress for that day and once a week I will take a photo of myself in my underwear and track the changes in my body.
I hope that you enjoy reading about my journey and that we can all learn something together.