wellness workshops



If you are looking for a speaker with a difference, you will find it in the presentation which I have to offer.

INVESTING IN THE HEALTH OF YOUR STAFF means investing in increased productivity for your company!

The facts are simple: if a person is overweight or unfit this leads to:
> a lack of personal confidence and self esteem, which leads to…
> discontentment, which then leads to either overeating and/or drinking…
> which in turn leads to guilt and anger.
The vicious circle continues…

However, once a person is encouraged to manage their day in terms of exercise, eating the correct energy-giving foods and getting adequate sleep, the result is a more energetic, confident, fitter person able to work harder and more efficiently.

My presentation to your team will show them how to take control of each day from the moment their alarm clock goes off to the time they go to bed at night. It is both educational and motivational and an ongoing motivational programme can be arranged for your team if required after the initial presentation. Full notes and guidelines are given after the presentation so that the messages and information can be reinforced in their own time.

My presentation could be given either in an extended lunch-hour period, or as a team building exercise.

If you would like more information please contact me.