Noeleen Bridle - Creative Coaching
Where the mind goes,
the body will follow
So often we get told to ‘love ourselves, or be kind to ourselves'. These words do not hold too much depth when one is in the process of self discovery. It is only in hindsight can one then start finishing the jigsaw puzzle that reveals the path that you have been on - how it all makes sense to you and that is all that matters. This is how I feel about my life so far.

Noeleens exposure to competitive sport started at a very young age and has spanned a lifetime of well over 50 years. Unknown to her at the time but living in a highly dysfunctional family, and then equally turbulent marriage really accelerated the need to exercise to extremes to calm the mind. She has competed in swimming, athletics, canoeing and gymnastics, at the highest levels including attending Gymastrada / Berlin, completing Comrades and winning Mixed Doubles Duzi canoe marathon. This in combination with years of mastery, day in and out, focusing on health and wellbeing and not just weight loss, has allowed her to create her unique program. With her own tried and tested nutritional plan. Her ability to work with both men and women at a deep psychological level, has enabled her to achieve amazing life changing results. Noeleen’s presence and no nonsense approach embodies a new way of thinking and gives one insight in how to manage having a much a better quality of life. Her track record and prodigious following is the perfect benchmark for success.

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