‘Where the mind goes, the body will follow’ – a new way of looking at fitness with Noeleen Bridle

There are two main reasons people exercise. They either want to lose weight, or beef up muscle (men and women usually have opposite goals!). Unfortunately, due to misinformation and lack of education, they soon find they are hopping from one fad diet to the next and gulping down slimming tablets, shakes, powders, and detox mixtures to ‘heal’ their shape and size. Very few people, unless they have a life-threatening experience, start off with ‘health and zest’ as their goal…

I want to change this. When you learn how your body is functioning for or against you, you begin to acquire the tools  you need to achieve the body you want. Self control, self awareness and making rules you stick to – these are the principals I work and live by, and empower my clients with.

I give my clients an eating plan that allows them to eat five times a day. The effects? No more binging, a body bursting with energy and weight loss in all the right places, with no detrimental effects to your body in the future.

I believe that working with them to attain daily discipline is the route to  self-evolution, and isn’t this what all thinking people need to move forward in their lives?